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As well as my faith-based fiction, I write devotional and inspirational non-fiction intended to help strengthen and encourage you in your walk with God, give you more peace and joy in your life, and bring you closer to Him! I pray my books encourage and support you in your walk with God.

I believe God intends us to experience more of His love, joy, and peace in our lives!

So many of us have been Christians for years, yet we don’t live the full abundant lives God longs to give us. I don’t think I’m the only one!

My life is good, but far from perfect. Just like your life probably is, too. I’m a long way from living my life “content in all circumstances”!

I struggle with difficult relationships, with letting go of past hurts, with health issues, with personal and professional failures, with finances, with walking more closely with God, with loving those around me as well as I’d like. I want to know more of the love, peace, and joy God intends for us, and I get wonderful glimpses of this. But too often I slip back into doubt; into fear; into trying to do things my way, not His.

In my devotional and inspirational non-fiction books, I focus on ways we can walk more closely with Jesus and overcome any blocks to us living the full and abundant life He designed for us. I’m in the same process we all are of learning how to live the life God wants me to live. A life filled with “the peace that passes understanding”!

Over the coming years, I’ll be learning to focus more on God, on love, on peace, on living my life the way He wants me to live. I hope you’ll share the journey with me, as I write monthly (sometimes less often!) emails sharing what I learn. If you’d like to subscribe to my special devotional only mailing list to receive a gift ebook and new devotional posts straight into your email inbox monthly, you can sign-up for it here.

You can unsubscribe at any time. Though I’ll share my new book releases and occasional special offers with you, I won’t ever hard sell; and your personal information will be kept safe and secure.

I’m hoping to soon write more frequent devotional blogs, plus release at least one new devotional book every year, in ebook and paperback, with bonus free content for subscribers.

Lessons from Pollyanna: Living with joy!

Living with joy with Lessons from Pollyanna by Autumn Macarthur
First in a devotional series based on classic novels, with accompanying print journals. If all you know of Pollyanna is the Disney film version or reading the book as a child, you may find reading it as an adult surprising. Pollyanna has so much to teach us about living a meaningful Christ-like life, growing spiritually, and experiencing deeper joy, the joy God created us to hold fast to and cherish.

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Who I Want to Be: A Devotional Journey Through the Book of Matthew

For women struggling with all aspects of their lives, 31 authors have written heartfelt devotional readings through the Biblical book of Matthew. We pray that from this devotional book, you will realize that Jesus loves you deeply. You are not alone. There is no place you have gone that is too far away from God, and He can help you to be the person who you want to be.

Click here or on the book cover above for more information and buy links forWho I Want to Be. All proceeds from this 99c ebook devotional go toward outreach to Japan!

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